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  • A news Approach to healthcare

    Be Well Medical Group is the leading concierge medical service provider in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We provide easy and accessible medical care to patients in-person, online and over the phone. In our membership based medical practice, we empower patients to take control of their health and wellness by providing ongoing access to custom Wellness Plans, medical professionals, and physical, mental, and spiritual support.

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    Speak with a medical professional today about your medical needs, receive a custom Wellness Plan, and sign-up for a membership package that will help you reach your optimal health today.

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    Become empowered with knowledge about various health and wellness topics. Visit our blog to hear from Dr. Lisa Ashe herself on everything you need to know.

Why Medical Membership is for you

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Simple, Sophisticated & Smart

With rising healthcare costs and the rise of technology as a solution to many modern problems, Be Well Medical Group makes health care simpler, more modern, and more personalized to your individual needs. From weight loss and internal medicine to mental or spiritual counseling, we enable patients to receive immediate support and long-term planning to support their lifestyle.

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    Round the clock.
    Casual access via telemedicine

    Reach out to our doctors at your convenience and get fast answers on your private medical needs, problems or questions.
    From quick, personal recommendations for a OB-GYN to fast suggestions on how to handle a minor at-home medical emergency with your little one or loved one, we are the professional solution to figuring out it no time.

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    Face to face support

    Everyone has bad days. With our concierge service, you or your family members can receive fast, private and professional mental or spirtual counseling to get you ack on your feet in no time.

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    Membership Medicine

    We make medicine as simple as a gym membership. No more inconvenient appointments at inconvenient times. Commit to a monthly membership and receive personal access to a leading doctor who will come to you when you’re ready.

Try Laser body Contouring

The final step

For the patient who has worked hard on maintaining their diet and exercise regimen (using one of Be Well Medical Groups Wellness Plans or on his/her own) to achieve their optimal physical healthy, we offer the final step to your process of becoming your best self. Add the finishing touch to your total look using our Laser Body Sculpting Solution.

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  • For the soon-to-be bride

    Expect up to 24% fat loss with SculpSure and feel 100% different

  • For the new mom

    Completely non-invasive does not require any anesthesia

  • For the athlete

    Your last stop after months in the gym to melt away the last few stubborn pounds